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Providence Healthcare Diagnostics

We work hard 

Keeping our patients happy and delivering great service that makes us memorable is what makes us unique.  We go above what is required!


We play hard

Our staff enjoy working in a team environment that is supportive and collaborative.  We look out for each other and we love having a good time.  

We love to learn

We provide paid training.  When you're on the job, we encourage each other to do better and are always looking to make improvements to the way we do things.

We are local

We have two offices (Plainfield and Watchung) and will continue expanding in the area.

We are hiring

We hope you will consider applying for our open roles.  We have part-time, weekend, and per-diem roles with flexible scheduling.  

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Thank you for your time. If you are a match for the role, we will contact you to schedule an interview soon.

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